Clean Sport

An Athlete Ambassador
Since 2008, Jeremiah has partnered with the United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA) to encourage all athletes to take a stand for clean sport.

In 2009, USADA recognized Jeremiah among a new group of advocates for clean sport – the USADA Athlete Ambassadors.

Combining the best of the long-standing ambassador program and other USADA athlete outreach programs, this program strives to promote, impart and deliver the core values, ideals, and guiding principles of true sport to the next generation of athletes.

The program draws on a selection of America’s best athletic role models (Olympians, Paralympians, Olympic- and Paralympic-hopefuls) and allows these ambassadors to have an impact on audiences of all ages and deliver an authentic message of integrity, health and sportsmanship directly from those who represent these ideals on the highest level. Additionally, it offers a platform for these athletes to support USADA’s mission for clean athletes, and to promote clean sport with these vital audiences. Moreover, athlete ambassadors have an opportunity to raise awareness about the dangers and consequences of performance-enhancing substances in sport through personal “clean sport” stories.

This network of elite athlete speakers, writers, and supporters teach and promote the principles of health and fitness, as well as true, fair, and drug-free sport. This program brings together athletes who can share their inspiring, personal stories, and stand alongside USADA as inspirational examples of, and ambassadors for, the advancement of clean sport.

Meet the entire team of Athlete Ambassadors below, or click here to request an Athlete Ambassador visit!

Kristin Armstrong (Cycling)
Derek Arneaud (Paralympic Soccer)
Jeremiah Bishop (Cycling – Mountain Biking)
John Godina (Track & Field – Shot Put)
Erin Hamlin (Luge)
April Holmes (Track & Field)
Augusto Perez (Wheelchair Curling)
Dee Dee Trotter (Track & Field)
Kicker Vencill (Swimming)
Lauryn Williams (Track & Field)