Training Plans

Jeremiah Bishop won the 2014 and 2015 UCI Marathon Tour MTB Baja UltraEndurance

Jeremiah Bishops’s 2017 racing season will be filled representing Team TOPEAK-ERGON at mountain bike stage races across the globe, racing the US National Ultra Endurance Series, Marathon World and National Championships, taking on incredible mountain biking expeditions, and competing in other major races and cycling festivals.

Jeremiah has limited availability to dedicate to one-on-one coaching clients; all of which is reserved for elite and developmental level athletes. But that’s not to say you can’t benefit from Jeremiah’s experience and training expertise!

NEW for 2017 – Jeremiah has released a new 3-month pre-season endurance-focused training plan designed for experienced high level athletes looking to make big gains in the off season. This plan is appropriate for endurance and cross-country racing, and accommodates a full-time work schedule. The plan includes strength conditioning; cross training and core workouts for specific performance benefits that mountain bike athletes need. E-mail Jeremiah for consultation, customization options for this plan, or to purchase the plan directly for a 15% discount off the price advertised on TrainingPeaks.

Hunter Allen (above) with Jeremiah Bishop in Majorca, Spain.  Hunter and Jeremiah were Special Guests of     Team SKY | Pro Cycling.

Jeremiah and Hunter Allen teamed up to create six 8-week long mountain bike-specific training plans. The plans are tailored to CAT III/Beginner, CAT II/Sport and CAT I/Pro-Expert level riders and are available for download and use with Training Peaks software. The plans include many of the workouts Hunter and Jeremiah designed specifically for Jeremiah’s training.

Jeremiah and Hunter’s collaborative training plans will help you lay the foundation for your fittest and fastest season on the mountain bike!