Alpine Loop Gran Fondo

Jeremiah Bishop’s favorite training route earned its nickname with glorious mountain top meadows, winding climbs and hillside farms reminiscent of the Austrian, German and Swiss settings where he has competed. Now this magnificent scenery is the backdrop for the most challenging and adventurous Gran Fondo in the United States.

Named one of “America’s Top-10 Gran Fondos” by Men’s Journal, the route begins in Harrisonburg, Virginia and covers 107 miles featuring over 11,000 feet of climbing and two dirt road climbs – the toughest Gran Fondo in the States! The Gran Fondo also features the 100-mile Shenandoah Mountain Century, 76-mile Shenandoah Mountain Adventure, 100-kilometer (62-mile) Mount Solon Metric Century, and the 36-mile Valley View Challenge.

The Alpine Loop Gran Fondo provides the opportunity and inspiration for individuals and teams to take on great challenges in support of worthy causes. The event directly supports community charities and cycling infrastructure.

We welcome you to join in the adventure.

The 2016 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo is Sunday, September 25, 2016.