Introducing VeloNews Diary “Go Big, or Go Bigger”

This is the first entry of Jeremiah Bishop’s regular column. As a professional mountain biker and coach he knows the tricks to get faster and more efficient — and he had to learn most of them the hard way. He will be sharing his knowledge, experience, mishaps, lessons and tips, so check back regularly for his thoughts.

“When I was asked to write a column for, I knew it would be a great opportunity to share my unique experiences and some amazing stories as an adventure mountain biker and full-time paid professional racer with the Cannondale Factory Racing team. I’m living my dream-come-true: competing in legendary races and exploring some spectacular trails.”

“The following is a glimpse of where I am and where I’m going with it:”

“I came up from scratchy background as an East Coast mountain biker with little more than a borrowed bike, and I received a lot of help from a big community that loves to ride. My odds of becoming one of the top racers were pretty slim; but here I am.”

“So, this column is an exceptional chance to share some insight and sweet tricks-of-the-trade I’ve learned from some of the best in the ‘biz.’”

“My racing background is firmly rooted in UCI World Cup and national-level cross country events. I have dabbled in disciplines ranging from road to enduro, and Super-D to cyclocross; though I spent half of the past 20 years toiling in the semi-pro zone, tackling mountain bike races of every type. The long and short of it is that I’ve survived more failures than wins, but I never gave up because I’m simply crazy about racing bikes!”

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