The Mountain Biker Teaching Joe Dombrowski Everything He Knows

Jeremiah and Joe Dombrowski ready for the 2013 racing season at team training camp in Mallorca, Spain

“I guess it’s not too outlandish a thought that an accomplished mountain bike racer is coaching a rising star of road racing. Ok, maybe it’s a little different.”

“Here is a little background. Joe Dombrowski and I first met at a mountain bike clinic I put on at the Greenbrier Challenge in Maryland. He and his Dad were looking for something to do, and for them riding with me was a good way to see some good lines and get a few tips. A year later I got a message from a local racer, saying, “hey you have to ride with this kid, he’s flying!” So, as I have done many times with other budding talents, I took him on an easy spin, thinking I might give him some pointers.”

“Needless to say that was the last time I rode my mountain bike on a road ride with Joe Dombrowski!”

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