My Victory


My Victory is a USADA initiative in the fight to preserve clean sport. Jeremiah Bishop is one of eleven athletes who are leaders in the sports of Cycling, Swimming and Track & Field, who have already joined USADA in this campaign.

The name My Victory symbolizes the ideal that all athletes fully dedicate themselves and make sacrifices for the love of their sport to reach the pinnacle of success, which is personal achievement through honest effort and ability, and without performance-enhancing drugs. My Victory is an ongoing effort by USADA to revitalize the true purpose of athletic competition, and celebrates all athletes striving to achieve their own victories, whether that means placing first, third, fifth, tenth…or simply setting a personal best. These eleven athletes have pledged to formally uphold this commitment to clean sport. USADA is encouraging all athletes to make this same pledge.

What about you? You’ve worked hard, sacrificed, and dedicated yourself to our sport and the spirit of competition. You’re a champion who understands the significance of leaving a legacy and being responsible for the dignity and respect of your sport. Are you willing to take a pledge for your Victory?!