Bishop Repeats Victory at NUE Mohican 100

After setting the course record in 2017, Jeremiah Bishop wins the 2018 Mohican 100-mile with a time of 6:57:53.

After the race, Bishop joked, “Perhaps I had better invite a slower carpool buddy to drive to races with, I thought, as Bryan Lewis [a fellow Virginian who Bishop had talked into joining him for the NUE event] demolished the lead break of NUE contenders on the toughest climb of the day. Christian Tangy and Brian Schwarm lost contact, and I was in trouble.”

Recalling the day’s effort, “OUCH! 400+ watts at 5 1/2 hours in, and I was getting dropped after the second big attack. I clawed my way back to the wheel and we came to a stalemate until the final slick single track where my 20-years of Pro-XC experience gave me an edge. I attacked full gas out of the saddle on every turn and gained just the slightest advantage and take the win at the finish line.”

“I am stoked to take my first win after a 3-month comeback from a major crash in South Africa’s Cape Epic. Not sure where those last 15-minutes of attack speed came from, but I’m glad I had it!”

“Thanks to Canyon, Topeak, Shimano, Fox, and Maxxis.”

For a complete report of the day from the National Ultra Endurance Series, click here.


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