Iceman Cometh and Campfires

Just checking in after a killer weekend at Iceman Cometh Americas largest race and the official end of season blow out!
The race was by far the fastest in America too; the fast sandy rolling course suits pack ridding and 60k in prize money attracts the best of the best. Since it was a point-to-point it made for an epic feel to the rollout. The race start in Kalkaska (almost 27 miles east of the finish- requires a drop off shuttle and a lot of prep of start line and finish clothing.
That start was nuts but fought the swarm to post top five in the woods Cameron Jette of 3 rocks went down and I could hear carnage behind. The last thing on my mind was the cold once up to 19 mph sprinting thru the trails it was a fire fight and the tactical games began to play in.
After a mid race techie section, Kabush and I put on some nasty pressure to thin the field. After a tester attack, I went off the front and earned a solo gap. The riders behind seem content to take break. Once I was 20 seconds clear and 20-k to go I thought ‘what the hell may as we’ll give it horns and go long!’
Nothing feels like a solo attack with a the hounds chasing for half an hour; legs at the limit, mind on laser focus, ripping the turns at the maximum lean!
Much like in football, going long is spectacular when it works but risky.   Alas, I got caught in the last 4k by the 12-strong group, I guess they got organized – somewhat a surprise. I did study the sprint and dropped in on Steven to hit the last k on 3rd wheel and was rewarded bronze so it was all good and I felt pumped on the monster effort.
Campfire and post-race beer and spiked hot apple cider was a highlight and nothing like breaking out the flannel and seeing Ron’s Cannondale chainsaw!
 The last race of the year was ripp’n fast and one hell of a good after party where I got to hang with some good folks at Cannondale.
I hope you’re doing great and getting some time in the woods because there is nothing like the cold for your skin and the smell of a campfire reminds you there is more to life than your FB status; like Iceman, snow friends, beer and a brat wurst. If you have a chance, check this race out.
Thanks go to Sho-Air Cannondale for the awesome support that makes magic seasons like 2013 happen!
Happy trails,

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